7 Items That Are In The Beauty Bags Of Every Italian Woman

They love them all!
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Italian women know beauty. In a little over a decade, the Mediterranean nation has gone from occupying the last place to ranking as one of the top countries that celebrities flock to for top-notch anti-aging treatments and cosmetic surgery. In Italy, life is different. Leisure time is greatly valued, and there’s a greater emphasis on self-care during those cherished moments off the clock. Here are some valuable items you will find in any Italian woman’s beauty bag. 

Bags to carry the beauty products

Italian women will never go out without a gorgeous handbag and a smaller bag inside containing all their beauty goodies. You can shop for your perfect handle bag via sites like Mirta, which also offers smaller pouches that can be put inside as makeup bags. If you think it’s a waste of money to buy a pouch bag, think again because if you use a powder brush and put it back in your bag, it can easily mess up everything else in there as well as the interior. You definitely don’t want that.

Skincare products

The other items you will find in an Italian woman’s bag are skincare products. They never go out without them because their skin is delicate and needs to be pampered, especially after a long day at work or play. A potent anti-aging cream might not be necessary but should be applied to maintain their younger skin. They also love taking long baths and regularly drink water to keep them hydrated, but nothing beats a juicy glass of Prosecco wine. You will find most of them at the spa having skincare routines to improve their complexion. 

They leave their work phones at home

Italian women might be in the stressed-out mode because of their hectic schedules, but when it comes to appearance, they’re always at the top of their game. They don’t leave things hanging and spend time finding that perfect look – not just for them but for everyone around them. 

Even if they are not in their best moods when it comes to work, when you see them with beauty products in hand or spritzing themselves with perfume, they will make your day. Besides reducing stress, keeping phones away from your free time gives you more happiness.

Embrace the sun with sunscreen

Italian women love to be outdoors under the strong Mediterranean sun, whether at the beach or just relaxing at a nearby cafe. To protect their skin from UV damage, they use sunscreen to keep them looking young and fresh. Sunscreen is the first line of defense against sunburn and free radicals and decreases the risk of skin cancer. 

They usually use SPF50 sunscreen and above to keep their skin supple and fresh — which is why most Italian women are in their fifties and beyond with minimal wrinkles (and it isn’t because of botox)! Since normally sunscreens need to be applied every couple of hours, it’s a beauty bag essential, especially during the summertime.

Carthusia perfume

A signature scent is a must, and Italian women tend to spritz themselves throughout the day. One of the most famous Italian perfume brands is Carthusia. It’s highly sought after by many because it has a unique scent that combines gorgeous marine notes and Amalfi Coast citrus accords to give you an irresistible fragrance that lasts all day long. 


Have you ever tried using rose water? If not, now is your time to bite the bullet — it makes your skin glow, reduces puffiness around the eyes, and tightens under the eyes. Rosewater can be used as toner, mist, or mixed with cream or foundation for a radiant glow.

A beautiful lipstick

This is essential for women all over the world! Italian women love a gorgeous lipstick color to help bring out their natural beauty. Most of the time, they will go for complementary shades such as nudes and pinks. For a bit of practicality, these lipsticks will have a bit of moisturizing in them because nobody wants dry lips when you got pasta to eat!

The takeaway

It’s undeniable that the women of Italy are some of the most beautiful in the world. With their flawless and luminous skin, natural hair, and light makeup, they have a certain charm to them that comes from being effortlessly chic. Some people might think having a minimal skincare routine is the secret of Italians, but they don’t achieve flawless skin only with fewer products. This is about applying your cosmetics diligently and having them near you at the right time so you can look effortless at all day long while still looking like yourself!

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Ana Vasilescu
Ana Vasilescu
Ana is a sociologist and feminist with a shared passion for literature, psychology, and skincare, the combo that made her determined to start Women's Concepts. With over five years of experience in dermatological research, she has now become a certified skincare consultant keen to convince others of the importance of a diligent routine. Her close relationships with dermatologists around the globe, along with years of researching, analyzing studies, and hand-testing products on a daily basis, made Ana one of the best persons you can get advice from.
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