Do You Struggle With Frizzy Hair? Follow These Tips To Control It

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No doubt, frizzy hair is popular at the moment, and some celebrities wear it so goddamn well. However, for most people, it’s not a desirable or good look. After all, we can’t all be Monica from ‘Friends.’ The good news, though, is that you don’t have to keep that frizzy hair if you don’t like it. There are plenty of techniques to ensure you beat the frizz even in the winter season. But first, it’s important to arm yourself with some facts about frizzy hair to learn how to prevent it. 

What causes frizzy hair?

Simply put, a lack of moisture is the leading cause of frizzy hair most of the time. Your hair is made up of hundreds of individual strands. These grow in the same direction and generally create a smooth look. However, when your hair becomes frizzy, the outer layer of your hair, known as the cuticle, allows moisture through and into your hair. This causes the strands to swell and the fibers to sit in different directions.

Instead of all the fibers running smoothly in one direction, they go in any direction they want. The result? More volume and less control. With the fibers running in all directions, your hair will feel rough, and it will be dry as well as frizzy. The problem then is taming your hair to make it look presentable again. You’ll find an array of products on the market, including some fantastic options in the muk range, that can help you tame your frizz and even protect your hair from becoming frizzy.

Without further ado, here’s what you can do to prevent frizzy hair: 

Use warm water

When washing your hair, you need to use warm water to open your pores and clean your scalp without damaging your hair. By the same token, you should avoid washing your hair with hot water since it opens the cuticle layer of your hair, allowing moisture in and out and increasing the likelihood of frizz. On the other hand, cold water doesn’t open the pores on your scalp, meaning that dirt and debris can build up in them and cause you issues. As such, warm water keeps the cuticles closed and preserves your hair without preventing you from cleaning your scalp.

Oil regularly

Oils have the role of hydrating, protecting, and giving the hair its natural shine. You can use olive oil or coconut oil, or you can purchase a pre-mixed oil that will hydrate and protect your hair. When you apply it, it’s best to massage it into your scalp, as this will allow the oil to travel down the strands of your hair. It will also increase the blood flow to your scalp, which will help to ensure that your hair gets the nutrients it needs to grow healthy. It’s worth noting that regular oiling can also help keep your scalp moisturized, which is likely to prevent any issues with dandruff.

Stay away from heat tools

Heat styling tools will not help if you have hair prone to frizzing. The intense heat absorbs and evaporates all the moisture in your hair and makes it dry really quickly, creating that rough and frizzy hair of your nightmares. If you really need to use heat styling tools, you’ll need first to use a protective spray from the muk range. It’s also advisable to use the coolest setting possible on your hairdryer. 

Egg yolks help

People have been using egg yolks to improve their hair for hundreds of years. The eggs are full of protein and moisture, exactly what your hair needs. Simply mix 2-3 egg yolks together and then rub them into your hair and your scalp. Leave it for roughly 20 minutes before rinsing out. 

The yolks will restore the moisture and protective layer to your hair, eliminating frizz and giving your hair a beautiful shiny look. 

Use protective spray

We’ve already mentioned the importance of protective spray when using heat styling tools. However, your hair is under constant attack, from icy cold winds to the power of the sun’s rays. To protect it from damage and prevent frizzy hair, you need to use a protective spray daily. Make it part of your daily routine, and your hair will be protected and frizz-free. 

Air dry your hair

As hair dryers and other styling tools are likely to damage your hair, it’s a good idea to avoid using them whenever you can. If you have the time, allow your hair to dry naturally. Your hair will thank you for this.

Ah and don’t forget, whether drying your hair naturally or with a hand dryer, you need to use the right tool. Plastic combs are better on wet hair, while metal one is better with dry hair. 

Conditioning mask

To help prevent frizz from bombing your hair, it’s a good idea to do a conditioning mask at least once a week. The mask helps seal cuticles, ensuring your hair has enough moisture, and it can’t take on any more. This will prevent frizz, add shine, and even make your hair stronger.

Last but not least, remember that hair is predominantly protein and water, so eating a balanced diet will also help your hair beat the frizz.

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