How to Work with Post-Event Skin: Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

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There is something special about getting all dolled up for an event and having fun with your look. Makeup is a way you can add to your look and highlight your favorite features. However, the extra products and the heavy makeup can take a toll on your skin and can leave it needing a little extra attention afterward to help soften and pamper it.

Hence, it is always worth dedicating some time to your post-even skincare routine. With the following steps, you can work with post-event skin to help it get back to looking and feeling glowy and beautiful.

Make sure you are using an excellent cleanser and makeup remover

Directly after the event, it is critical that you remove any and all products from your skin. Especially since event makeup is generally heavier than day-to-day makeup, this extra product may take a little extra effort to remove it all. A double cleanse is often the way to go for this. For the first cleanse go in with an oil-based cleanser to get the majority of any sunscreen and makeup off, and for the second cleanse go in with a targeted cleanser to do the standard cleaning. 

Tie your hair back and be sure to get all over your face and all the tricky spots such as behind your ears, down your neck, and along your hairline. Extra product left behind can cause buildup and clogging of the pores that you don’t want!  

Don’t be afraid to use heavy hydrating creams

Heavy hydrating creams are a great way to replenish the skin after an event. Having so many products layered upon one another can leave the skin dehydrated and a bit stripped, so this step is crucial. But where can you find natural products that actually work? For example, the Blue Lagoon skincare products for dry skin is a wonderful dedicated line for this extra hydrating purpose, and with their natural ingredients, they will work wonders and not be stressful for your skin!

Use eye products with caffeine in them 

Using eye products with caffeine in them will help to reduce signs of puffiness and swelling as well as increase circulation. Your under-eye area can look drastically different with this one tip. Whether it is from being tired after an event, due to heavy products weighing the area down, or a combination of the two, your under-eye area can bounce back with some effort and help you to look more awake. 

Lactic acid exfoliators for a gentle yet effective step

While we don’t want to strip the skin especially after having so many products on, gentle exfoliation can help remove buildup and revive the skin. A lactic acid exfoliant is a gentle option that is effective but won’t cause too much stress for the skin.

Be sure to pay attention to your skin to see which day it can handle this extra step. For some, waiting until day 2 after the event so the first day can be focused on hydration is the way to go.

Facial oils may be useful too

Facial oils can be useful to look in hydration and give your skin a boost, especially if you have super dry skin. They are also a great product when you want to do a little face massage and have a product to help work into and be gentle on the skin. 

Consider getting a facial

A facial is a service to consider when you want to give your skin that extra TLC. Having a professional focus on your skin’s needs can make all the difference, plus you get to relax during it! 

There are different types of skincare facials available, so speak with a professional ahead of time to determine what your skin needs. After your facial, leave your skin makeup-free and let it focus on soaking up the treatment and all the wonderful products for at least 24 hours.

Focus on fruit and veggies after the event 

While taking care of your skin from the outside is critical, so is taking care of it on the inside! After your event, replenish your body with essential nutrients by eating plenty of healthy fruit and vegetables, particularly healthy greens. You can also consider a cleanse to help focus on giving your body a healthy boost. Be sure to speak with your doctor about whether a cleanse is right for you! 

The takeaway

After everything you put your skin through to get ready for this event, it deserves a little TLC to help it recover. Every so often, your skin needs a bit of a break and after getting all done up for an event, it is the perfect time to tend your skin a little differently. Just think of how great your skin will look after a bit of pampering and rest! It is well worth it. 

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Ana Vasilescu
Ana Vasilescu
Ana Vasilescu is the founder and editor-in-chief of Women's Concepts. She has over 5 years of experience working in the beauty editorial industry and dermatological research and was an acne sufferer for over a decade. Ana is now an IAO and CPD-accredited skincare consultant keen to teach others about the importance of a consistent routine. She covers a wide range of topics in skincare—from buzzy ingredients to anti-aging and acne advice. She holds a BA in Sociology and Political Sciences from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. Find her on LinkedIn or Instagram.
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