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Skincare FAQ

Ingredient Explained: Allantoin

  • Allantoi is derived from natural sources, but can also be lab-made
  • It is soothing and moisturizing
  • The maximum concentration allowed in OTCs is 2%
  • Allantoi is safe for all skin types

Allantoin can also be sourced from comfrey plants, beets, chamomile, and tobacco seeds. However, most times, allantoin in skincare is lab-made for sustainability reasons.

Mostly, allantoin is found in anti-aging products, but all skin types can use it, especially dry and sensitive. Above all, allantoin is a moisturizing agent, gentle enough even for easily-reactive skin that speeds up wound healing and has anti-inflammatory benefits.[1]

Additionally, allantoin has keratolytic properties, aka it exfoliates dead cells buildup. On top of everything, allantoin was found to help induce collagen synthesis, leading to firmer, more elastic skin.[2] All these key properties of allantoin give it endless benefits:

  • Smoothes skin
  • Speeds up wound healing
  • Encourages cell turnover
  • Evens tone
  • Protects the skin barrier

You’ll find allantoin in all types of skincare products, from toners to serums and moisturizers, in concentrations ranging anywhere from 0.5 to 2.0%, maximum allowed by the FDA in OTC products.[3]

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel claimed allantoin is a safe, non-irritating, and gentle ingredient that can be added to skincare products.[4]

Even if it’s a gentle ingredient that can be used on a daily basis, to stay on the safe side, don’t mix allantoin with other exfoliators as it can lead to irritations.

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