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Ana Vasilescu

Editor in Chief, Certified Skincare Consultant

As an ex-acne sufferer, Ana knows that the right skincare routine can change your life and how you perceive yourself. After battling acne, she became passionate about all things skincare and wanted to help other people get the best version of their skin. At the roots, Ana is a sociologist and feminist with a shared passion for literature, psychology, and skincare, the combo that made her determined to start Women's Concepts. With over five years of experience in dermatological research, she has now become a certified skincare consultant keen to convince others of the importance of a diligent routine. Her close relationships with dermatologists around the globe, along with years of researching, analyzing studies, and hand-testing products on a daily basis made Ana one of the best persons you can get advice from.

Words from Ana

"In the past, I would never venture outdoors in public without wearing at least a BB cream or foundation to cover my flare-ups. It was frustrating, and it affected my self-esteem quite badly. Worse still, none of the dermatologists I went to talked to me about the importance of having a diligent skincare routine or even using sunscreen. After multiple fails at fighting my breakouts, I started delving deep into the skincare world, and I learned much by trial and error. And now I'm here, on Women's Conceps, teaching others about the importance of using targeted skincare products and being consistent with them."

Quick interview with Ana

  • Skin type: Oily
  • My forever go-to skincare product is: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream
  • That makeup product I can't live without: Red lipstick
  • The thing I have never done, but always wanted to: Go on a safari
  • A book I read twice: "Thinking, Fast and Slow," Daniel Kahneman
  • Right now, I miss: A hike in the woods
  • The quote which inspires me in tough times: Problems are not stop signs, are guidelines
  • The most annoying thing about myself: Err... I talk too much

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