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This Self-Activated Brightening Vitamin C System Is One Of The Best Products I’ve Ever Used

The perfect combination between clean and clinical.
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TL;DR: A tone-evening, antioxidant, collagen booster, hydrating, and never-irritating miracle in a smart anti-degradation and self-activating system.

The years I’ve been struggling with acne left me with plenty of dark spots, and entering my 30s awakened in me a desire to prevent fine lines and photodamage higher than ever before. So, confession time, I’m obsessed with vitamin C, the multi-duty compound that tackles all of my concerns at once. But the less pleasant part about vitamin C is that as an antioxidant, it’s prone to oxidation when it gets in contact with light and air. That’s why trying Exponent Brightening Boost Vitamin C System seemed like the missing piece of my skincare routine. A vitamin C serum that allows for ingredients activation at the moment of application for increased potency and boosted benefits? I’m yours.

First impression

For the first purchase at Exponent, you get an activator system that can be used over and over again, and the refills — powder of actives and quadruple hyaluronic acid hydrator — made of infinitely recyclable glass and aluminum. And that’s how you stay on the sustainable side of skincare.

Opening it up was incredibly exciting because I knew the potential wrapped up in that container. And ok, I’ll admit it, I was feeling a bit puzzled before assembling the system, but it only took a few minutes. The video guide was very helpful. My first impression of the product was that the system was super easy to assemble and satisfying to use, plus I love that it doubles as a showpiece in my bathroom.

Exponent Vitamin C Serum

Formula explained

As far as the formula is concerned, the serum packs 10% L-ascorbic acid (the active form of vitamin C), the perfect ally for dark spots, fine lines, and protection against free radical damage. Additionally, it boasts quercetin, a soothing antioxidant known for cell renewal and tone-evening benefits, plus shea butter, a natural skin-calming ingredient that boosts moisture.

When activated, the powder blends with the hydrator infused with four types of hyaluronic acid of various molecular sizes that work on top and beneath the epidermis for instant and long-term hydration and plumpness. That’s how a perfectly hydrating, protecting, and brightening serum comes out — and it only takes eight seconds.

Exponent Vitamin C Serum

One-month results

The serum feels pampering when applied, not sticky at all, and the subtle, energizing citric fragrance (that comes from mandarin essential oil) is the cherry on top. As for the instant result, it gives the glow and leaves skin visibly hydrated and plump. I have been using Exponent Brightening Boost Vitamin C Serum for the last four weeks in my AM routine, and I’m noticing improvement in my tone, slowly but surely. I haven’t experienced any tingling or redness, nor the serum did make me break out, but it makes me feel hydrated and protected long after the sun goes down.

“Our mission is to raise the standard for effective skincare by valuing not just what products are free of, but what they’re full of.”

Liz Whitman – Founder of Exponent

To end

So, take it from me and everyone else: this self-activated and infinitely stable vitamin C serum by Exponent is the game-changer your skincare routine needs! It has the perfect blend of clean and clinical ingredients that delivers outstanding benefits, and, unlike most skincare products, it doesn’t break down before you know it. Did I mention the serum is vegan and cruelty-free? There you go; no reason not to try it out.

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Ana Vasilescu is the founder of Women's Concepts and a certified skincare consultant. She has over five years of experience working in the beauty editorial industry and over a decade as an acne sufferer. With a background in dermatological research, Ana brings a wealth of expertise to a diverse range of topics, from buzzy ingredients to anti-aging and acne advice. She holds a BA in Sociology and Political Sciences. Find her on LinkedIn or Instagram.
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