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Why Is My Skin So Oily All Of A Sudden?

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Are you currently experiencing a sudden change in your skin? Up until a few days ago, your face was maybe a little quenched-for-thirst or at that blissful nothing-to-report stage? And now, BAMN, the oil has struck, and it’s arrived with a vengeance? If you’re finding yourself mentally crying ‘why is my skin so oily all of sudden?’, then this is the post for you.

Warning — it might get a little greasy up in here, but it’s time to give you the oil-based clarity you’re lacking right now. 

Is stress making you shiny? 

Okay, it’s time to have a ponder back through the past few weeks. Anything been getting on your grill? You might have found your answer. Periods of stress and emotion can cause your skin to fluctuate, and it’s often the reason why the skin suddenly becomes oily. More precisely, it increases the hormone level, which in turn causes an increase in oil production, leading to a sudden oily skin. Much like your physical freak-out, your entire body knows when something’s amiss, and the results can be…well…plain to see! There is good news to be had here, though. Once you begin to feel at peace again, your face should settle down too.  

Is your climate causing the oily change? 

If you’re blessed to live in a warmer climate, or a long-awaited hot spell has hit your town, then your skin can respond by becoming oilier. As Monica from Friends would shout: It’s the humidity!. To get a little more scientific, humidity and hot spells can cause your skin to produce excess sebum as it attempts to get used to a change in temp and climate.

Do you hydrate every day? 

When I was younger and not quite so skincare savvy, I wasn’t aware of how to properly hydrate my skin. A lack of moisture actually led to overcompensation in oil. By denying your skin hydration, you can cause your skin to become oilier. I know you probably had good intentions when you cut out that extra hyaluronic serum to stop being so shiny. But you if still end up thinking, why your skin is so oily all of a sudden, maybe introduce it again. Hydration also obviously revolves around the amount of water you’re drinking too. If you read this and know that you’ve not been having that 8-glasses-a-day, I’d get filling up a water bottle. 

Do your relatives have oily skin too?

I know you want to know the fixable factors, but I’m here to remind you of those pesky genetics. Take a look at your mom and dad, or even ask your grandma. If there are tell-tale signs of oily skin, you may have inherited it too. The glands that produce excess oil are hereditary. 

How’s your skincare routine looking? 

If you’ve read this heading and know that you don’t really have a routine—that could be the reasoning behind your oil. Washing your face and completing a double cleanse is super important. The process will clean off your makeup and SPF, as well as the daily dirt and pollution you expose your skin too. Build up your skincare routine and learn what elements will work best for you. If you have a good routine established, but you’ve recently become greasier, have you recently added or taken away any products? Skin can fluctuate as a result.

How are your hormones?

Our hormones affect many elements of our mind and body. This includes our skin. Androgens are the main type of hormone found to cause excess oil, and this hormone can fluctuate. If you have menstrual cycles, your hormones can get a little out of whack too, resulting in skin changes. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone are all examples of hormones that contribute. Birth control also widely affects our bodies and our hormones. If you’ve recently started a new form, or even if you’ve been on one for a while, they do have side effects, and it’s worth looking into those to see if oily skin can be a result. 

Found the answer to your oily skin? 

I hope you come away from this post with your a-ha moment! There are many reasons for a sudden change to oily skin. It’s completely normal for your skin to fluctuate throughout your life, especially when you consider all the contributing factors. Up to a certain point, our skin is out of our hands! My main advice for you revolves around your skincare routine. Find the products that work best for you and stick to them. Fall in love with cleansing, and be sure to drink plenty of H2O.

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Ana Vasilescu is the founder of Women's Concepts and a certified skincare consultant. She has over five years of experience working in the beauty editorial industry and over a decade as an acne sufferer. With a background in dermatological research, Ana brings a wealth of expertise to a diverse range of topics, from buzzy ingredients to anti-aging and acne advice. She holds a BA in Sociology and Political Sciences. Find her on LinkedIn or Instagram.
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