Should You Use Moisturizer Before Makeup?

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Most makeup fails boil down to the fact that many don’t know why using a moisturizer before makeup is so important. Without moisturizing the skin, concealer and foundation crease, tend to seep into fine lines, making skin look far from flawless. On the other hand, moisturized skin becomes a smooth canvas to which makeup adheres and ultimately boosts the staying power of your foundation and concealer. Yep, makeup settles better on moisturized skin, lasting longer throughout the day with o flakes, no crease. Plus, pores appear shrunk when you use moisturizer before foundation, giving that even, impeccable look.

Using a suitable moisturizer for your skin type before applying makeup is vital. While oily skin needs non-comedogenic, gel-like, and lightweight formulas, a rich, emollient-infused moisturizer does better for dry and mature skins. Otherwise, you risk canceling the tremendous benefits moisturizer has before makeup.

Do I still need a primer if I used moisturizer before makeup? 

Yes, you still need a primer, even if you’ve used moisturizer before makeup. Even though it’s not mandatory, it helps if you use moisturizer, primer, and only after layer the foundation. In this way, you help makeup products to adhere easier, prevent makeup meltdown, and minimize the appearance of uneven texture or prominent pores. 

So, have a cleansed base, exfoliate regularly, and use moisturizer before makeup. Think of moisturizer underneath makeup as a critical hinge-point for your skin and for your makeup, the key to an infallible look.

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Ana Vasilescu
Ana Vasilescu
Ana is a sociologist and feminist with a shared passion for literature, psychology, and skincare, the combo that made her determined to start Women's Concepts. With over five years of experience in dermatological research, she has now become a certified skincare consultant keen to convince others of the importance of a diligent routine. Her close relationships with dermatologists around the globe, along with years of researching, analyzing studies, and hand-testing products on a daily basis, made Ana one of the best persons you can get advice from.
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