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6 Benefits of Using Radiofrequency Devices for Skin Tightening

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Let’s be serious; who doesn’t want glowing, radiant skin at all ages? 20 or 50, forever tightened, and youth-looking skin is always on the rise. And if until our 40s there’s no need to put a great deal of effort into it, after that age, most women start to notice their skin losing its elasticity and sagging. In addition to the diligent use of anti-aging ingredientshigh-frequency wandsLED masks, you can add something else to your at-home treatments for skin tightening. That is, you guessed it, radio-frequency therapy. Yep, if you’re in search of a quick, non-surgical way of tightening and lifting your skin, radiofrequency might be the solution you’re looking for. 

What is radiofrequency skin tightening?

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive treatment to tighten saggy skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. The mechanism works by stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, using radiofrequency energy that heats the deep layer of the skin (dermis) up to 122°F. Since collagen is the most abundant protein in skin needed for firmness and elasticity, replenishing it leads to plump, and toned skin.

Is radiofrequency safe?

Radiofrequency is considered a safe skin rejuvenation method. However, in rare cases, some might experience slight redness, swelling, or tingling, which can last for about 24 hours, and that’s it; you’re good to go. Important: if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding radiofrequency is not for you.

Radiofrequency benefits for skin tightening

Using radiofrequency for skin tightening has myriad benefits. But before I get going on, you should know that radiofrequency is not some form of magic wand that makes sagging skin or wrinkles disappear miraculously overnight. It takes time to work. You may have to undergo radiofrequency sessions for about 3-4 months (depending on your condition and desired effects) to start noticing results, and within one year of regular use, your skin will visibly improve.

Tightens loose skin

Loose skin happens with aging, after losing weight, or after pregnancy, so it’s not something we can really control, but we can definitely improve. Radiofrequency skin tightening is one of the most effective treatments to wage a winning war against saggy skin. It induces collagen production by gently applying heat to the affected area, thereby making the skin firmer and tighter with each use.

Rejuvenates the skin

Exposure to UVA/UVB rays can damage the skin, causing collagen and elastin to break down and making skin visibly aged. Welp, radiofrequency can tackle aging signs, including sun-damaged skin by helping new collagen to form, making skin appear less wrinkled and with fewer dark patches.

Reduces wrinkles

If you’ve spent a lot of time trying to ward off wrinkles, all to no avail, you might want to consider radiofrequency therapy. One of its main perks is that it helps reduce wrinkles and tightens photoaged skin. A study where 70 middle-aged women underwent triple sessions of radiofrequency noticed a significant reduction in wrinkles after the treatment. 

It’s suitable for all skin types

Do you find it difficult to get a good anti-aging skin treatment that suits your skin type? Radiofrequency skin tightening is not selective; it works for virtually all skin types. “The beauty of radiofrequency is that it is suitable for most people. The depth of heating helps to firm, tighten, and lift as well as rejuvenate the skin for a healthy glow”, says Miss Sherina Balaramam, a surgeon and cosmetic doctor.

It’s fast

You can do your RF therapy in as little as 20-45 minutes a session — that fast! When you think about how many benefits it brings, half an hour it’s just nothing. And yes, you can do it while watching Netflix.

Can be used on the body too

Another reason people are so crazy about radiofrequency is that is not effective just for facial lifts, but for the body too. Skincare expert Paula Begoun points out that “It smooths out stretch marks and tightens areas of loose skin.” It’s an effective way of treating stretch marks noticeable in the upper and lower abs as well as on the thighs and upper arms. In a study where 25 women underwent 5-8 sessions of radiofrequency skin tightening, 96% of them saw an improvement in body shape, and 92% would recommend the treatment to others.

Can you do it at home?

Many people wonder if radiofrequency therapy can be done at home. The answer is yes. There are many radio frequency home devices you can use for RF skin therapy in your own oasis of peace. They are effective, plus they save you the cost of paying to have it done in a clinic and the time too.

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