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7 Derma Rollers That Actually Heal Acne Scars And Smooth Skin Texture

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If you’ve dealt with acne long enough (like I did, eleven years!), you know the worst part about it is not acne itself but the scarring that lingers on. And here I’m not talking about all these red or dark spots that exfoliation or a few facials can fade away, but about the atrophic scars. Such scars develop when the skin can’t regenerate tissue correctly, a fact related to the enzymatic degradation of collagen fibers and subcutaneous fat due to severe acne. Basically, it’s an indented scar that heals below the normal skin layer tissue, leaving behind the oh-so-much-unwanted scarring (which also goes by ice pick, rolling, and boxcar scars).

Here is where the best derma rollers for acne scars come to help.

What are derma rollers?

Are these tools foreign to you? Simply put, a derma roller (also known as a microneedling tool) is a small wheel with a bunch of itty-bitty needles made of titanium or steel. When you gently roll a derma roller on the skin, it creates controlled micro-injuries, sending a signal to the brain that tells the tissue to regenerate itself.

What are the benefits of using derma rollers for acne scars?

When you’re derma-rolling, you create tiny punctures in the skin, which triggers the body’s healing process and stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is a crucial protein that gives your skin elasticity and firmness, and it’s also required for wound healing, so it can help fill in acne scars. Plus, derma rollers enhance the penetration of topical skincare products into the skin. That means if you use targeted treatments like peptides and vitamin C, it’s likely to boost their benefits and improve the appearance of post-acne marks.

Which derma roller size is best to treat acne scars and blemishes?

The best size for derma-rollers to minimize acne scars is 1.0mm for shallow and superficial scars, while for deep acne scars, 1.5mm will do. However, to play it safe, don’t use a device with needles bigger than 0.5mm at home. For bigger sizes, you should make an appointment with your cosmetician for a professional microneedling session.

How often can I use the derma roller?

Ideally, use the derma roller once a fortnight so you get the desired result without harming your skin. It’s essential not to overdo it, as you risk producing the opposite effect and damaging your skin.

P.S.: Remember to replace your derma roller after 10-15 uses.

How to prepare the skin for the derma roller to get maximum results?

Before anything, you have to decide if it’s a good day for performing the procedure because you should never do it if you have active breakouts, wounds, sun-damaged skin, or eczema. Also, bear in mind that it’s ideal not to apply makeup for the next 24 hours after dermarolling. Have alcohol nearby— it’s crucial to work sterile and disinfect the tool every time before using it and after that. Moreover, take a break from retinol and exfoliants a few days before dermarolling.

Also, applying a gentle serum beforehand can help create a protective barrier between the needles and your skin, making the whole process much smoother. You’ve got plenty of options here, but our favorites are a hyaluronic acid serumvitamin C serum, or niacinamide serum.

What products to apply after dermarolling?

When you roll the tool over your skin, it punches lots of tiny holes, so what you apply right after will get absorbed right in. That’s why it’s a good idea to go with products that work in synergy with dermarolling to smooth acne scars, like a serum with vitamin C and peptides. You’ve got all these little channels open, so you definitely don’t want anything too harsh, such as exfoliants or chemical peels.

What to expect after the treatment?

After dermarolling, you’ll notice your skin turn red, but that should clear by the following day. The sensation feels a bit like sunburn for 24-48 hours. Besides, your skin will get parched, so it’s important to keep it hydrated by applying a lightweight moisturizer.

What to avoid after derma rolling

Stay away from comedogenic products that may block your pores. Likewise, don’t use products with drying alcohol—after the treatment, your skin will get really thirsty, so it’s better to avoid something that’ll dry it out even more. Last but not least, steer clear of aggressive ingredients like salicylic acidglycolic acid, or anything with synthetic fragrances. Wait at least two days before you reintroduce these ingredients into your regimen. Also, avoid direct sunlight for the next three days and wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF when you plan to go out.

The best derma rollers for acne scars

Now that all your questions have been answered, here are the best derma rollers to minimize acne scars and smooth skin texture.

BeautyBio GloPro Microneedling Device

BeautyBio GloPro Microneedling Device

The top spot on the best derma rollers for acne scars roundup goes to BeautyBio GloPro Device, created by the inventor of micro-needling technology. The tool uses 540 needles of 0.3mm to support cell turnover and collagen production, which diminishes scarring and fine lines while amplifying product absorption for boosted benefits. Additionally, BeautyBio GloPro features a microcurrent to up all these effects even more. And to top it all off, the device works with red light too—the one that penetrates the skin most to build even more collagen. Just so you know, this distinctive blend of cutting-edge technologies has been clinically proven to stimulate cells to regenerate up to 200% faster compared to the conventional dermarolling technique.

Sdara Skincare Dermaroller

SDARA Skincare Derma Roller

If you’re not willing to pay $200 for a microneedle roller, this one is raving on Amazon while keeping your wallet happy. Its 540 needles of 0.25mm slough away dead cells to reveal smoother skin with less noticeable blemishes. With consistent use, the skin will appear brighter and more radiant. It doesn’t really need much presentation—in the end, there’s a reason it has gathered close to 30,000 positive reviews.

Koi Beauty Derma Roller

Koi Beauty Derma Roller

Another of our favorite derma rollers for acne scars comes from Koi Beauty, an American brand specializing in creating beauty tools. Here’s why we love it: First off, it comes in a variety of needle sizes, from 0.25mm for beginners all the way up to 2.0mm (although we don’t recommend going that high if you’re using it at home!). You can go up to 0.75mm at home if you’re not a derma roller newbie. Plus, the 200 cone-shaped pins are plated with 24K gold to prevent bending and rusting. Scroll gently on the skin, pair with a reparative mask or serum, and say hello to a smoother and softer texture.

Healthy Care Micro-Roller

Healthy Care Micro-Roller

Use Healthy Care Micro-Roller if you’re a first-timer. Because it was made for beginners who are new to dermarolling, the tool features titanium needles with a length of 0.2mm to be as gentle as possible. It exfoliates the skin without causing injuries and helps promote cell regeneration. It’s a great tool for superficial acne scars and dark spots.

Lolysenta Derma Roller

Lolysenta Derma Roller

For a derma roller that won’t break the bank, Lolysenta Derma Roller is a top contender that you should definitely consider. It boasts 540 0.25mm titanium needles, which are ideal for anyone looking to minimize acne blemishes and fine lines. With regular use, you’ll notice a more even and healthy-looking complexion. And the best part? It costs no more than $10 and has raked in thousands of 5-star reviews.

Yafex 6 in 1 Derma Roller Kit

Yafex 6 in 1 Derma Roller Kit

Or you can try this set that comes with three replaceable roller heads, including one for the face, one for the eye area, and a bigger one for the body so that you can minimize blemishes from head to toe. Not only that, but you’ll also get a cleaning brush and a small stamp head you can roll on narrow areas to encourage skin renewal and smooth texture. Online reviewers note they are happy with this kit, and one claims that “it has everything, […] I really really never bought something so useful and had more than I expected for such a good price and quality.”

MonétBeauty Microneedle Derma Stamp

MonetBeauty Microneedle Derma Stamp

This one is slightly different from a derma roller but shares the same goal: smoothing the skin’s surface. It features 140 micro-fine needles made of medical-grade stainless steel on a stamp, which you have to press gently on the skin instead of rolling. The best part about it? It’s got adjustable needles, from 0.25 to 3.0 millimeters, so you can use it all over your face and body. That makes it a top choice for deep scars, too.

How to use derma rollers on acne scars

First things first, have your face clean and free of any makeup or dirt. Gently cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser to remove any impurities that may clog your pores. Once your skin is clean, it’s time to sanitize your derma roller. Soak it in isopropyl alcohol for at least 10 minutes to ensure that it’s free of any bacteria or germs that can cause infection.

How to use derma rollers on acne scars
By BeautyBio

Once sanitized, gently roll the derma roller over the acne scars in a back-and-forth motion. To start, roll the device vertically from the top to the bottom of your face about six times, then horizontally across your face 2-3 times, and finally, roll a few more times diagonally. Make sure you cover your cheeks, forehead, chin, lips, and neck too. Apply just the right amount of pressure, neither too hard nor too soft. Aim for a moderate pressure that feels comfortable on your skin, and avoid pressing too hard.

Remember, patience and consistency are essential when treating acne scars. Results may take several weeks or even months to become visible, so it’s essential to be consistent with your routine. Practice good hygiene by cleaning your derma roller after each use and replacing it every three to six months to avoid infections or damage to your skin. 

Finally, if derma rollers haven’t improved your acne scars, it’s time to consider a professional treatment or undergo laser resurfacing.

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